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Study Finds That Divorce Rate Rises As Economy Improves

‘This is exactly what happened in the 1930s,’ said Johns Hopkins University sociologist Andrew Cherlin. ‘The divorce rate dropped during the Great Depression not because people were happier with their marriages, but because they couldn’t afford to get divorced.’ According local women to Philip N. Cohen, the University of Maryland sociologist who conducted the research, recent state-by-state unemployment rates had little effect on divorce. He said that more research is needed to understand the correlation. The study will be published in Population Research and Policy Review. In 1997, David Gergen spoke with author Barbara Dafoe Whitehead about divorce culture in the United States on The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer. We hope that the elimination of our moderation process will enable a more organic discussion amongst you, our audience. However, if a commenter violates our terms of use or abuses the commenting forum, their comment will be removed.
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More Women Try To Get Pregnant With Medical Help

Among women 35 to 39 years old who have experienced one or more births, 15.8% got medical help, up from 13.1% in 1995. For women in this visit the site age group who have never had children, the share rose slightly to 19.6% from 19.1%. The findings are part of the CDC’s National Survey of Family Growth, which was conducted between June 2006 and June 2010. More than 12,000 women were interviewed, not all of whom had fertility problems or were seeking to get pregnant. While the CDC survey is nationally representative, individual demographic percentagesfor example, women in their late 30s who have had no childrenmay have a larger margin of error because they rely on smaller sample sizes. Also, the CDC’s definition of “medical help to get pregnant” is broadranging from getting advice and infertility testing to artificial insemination, which is fairly rare. Women who are white, better-educated and wealthier are more likely to make use of infertility services, the CDC said. Still, the agency’s latest figures highlight the effects of one of America’s biggest demographic trends: Young and middle-aged Americans are delaying childbearing, often until their 30s or mid-30s, or even beyond. The average age of a U.S.
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Is It A Date? Or Hanging Out? Survey Reflects Confusion

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I just want to have fun,’ ” says Tayo Rockson, 24, a first-year MBA student at Fordham University in New York. “If it’s someone that you just met recently and consistently have one-on-one hangout sessions, that’s sort of a date.” New York City psychotherapist Rachel Sussman says getting past the notion that a date is a planned event between two people see here still leaves mixed signals. “A planned evening with a group of friends or a 9 o’clock text ‘I’m at this bar. Want to come?’ that is now more considered a date or something romantic,” she says. Clinical psychologist Sonya Rhodes, also of New York, says get women a date today “transcends this sort of ‘hanging out culture.’ ” “A date shows some special interest in a special person. A date takes it to a new level,” says Rhodes, author of The Alpha Woman Meets Her Match, to be published in April.
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Poll: Public Now Evenly Split At 48 Percent On Legalizing Gay Marriage — In Utah


Slightly more than a third of respondents (36 percent) said their views on same-sex marriage have shifted over time, something that was equally true of Mormons and non-Mormons. Overwhelmingly, people in both of those demographic categories said their views had become more accepting. Mormons oppose legalizing gay marriage 32/64 while non-Mormons support it 76/21. On the lesser question of civil unions, though, theyre in sync: 65 percent of Mormons say yes versus 84 percent of non-Mormons. The latter result is, I assume, an olive branch by LDS members to gay couples to show that they dont oppose all legal recognition of gay relationships, just the traditional concept of marriage. Problem is, its arguably harder to defend marriage laws from an equal protection challenge in court once youve extended substantive marriage rights to gays, even if your motive in extending those rights dating was well intentioned. If gay relationships are entitled to virtually every legal benefit of marriage except the label itself, a courts going to find more often than not that withholding the label amounts to discrimination for its own sake, without a good/rational reason. The olive branch, designed to keep marriage as a separate sphere for straights only, actually weakens the case for it. These numbers are interesting too: Protecting religious conscience via constitutional amendment is probably the next phase of the great gay-marriage debate local women maybe even at the federal level, as there are some Democrats at the moment who are willing, if only in the name of quieting critics of legalizing gay marriage, to rhetorically endorse conscience protections. Thatd be fertile ground for social cons next year if the GOP takes back the Senate.
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Is Cold Weather A Good Time To Look For Love? How Online Dating Memberships Spiked By Almost 50% During The Polar Vortex

Dating game: Dating app Zoosk experienced massive membership and messaging surges during the polar vortex

The increases occurred in major cities most affected by the weather predicament, with Portland, Maine where the weather dropped to as low as negative 15 degrees Fahrenheit experiencing the biggest surge. Dating game: Dating app Zoosk experienced massive membership and messaging surges during the polar vortex Zoosks Portland users even beat out Chicago residents, who came in at second place by sending 23per cent more messages and increasing the apps membership sign-ups by 41per cent. In New York City, where temperatures dipped to 4 degrees Fahrenheit, Zoosk-ers sent 14per cent more notes to each other. The citys sign-ups matched Chicagos uptick of 41per cent. New Englands below-freezing levels were no deterrent for Boston residents trying to find love. ‘You’re smoking hot!’ Man gets first haircut in 20 years and people – including his fiancee – can’t believe the staggering transformation Bostonian Zoosk memberships spiked by 34per cent, while messaging experienced an 11per cent increase. And in Minneapolis, Minnesota another city hit hard by the polar vortex with temperatures hitting negative 23 degrees message traffic was 17per cent higher than average, with new user signups spiking 18per cent.
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Utah To Clerks: Finish Gay Marriage Paperwork

Annual Kite Flying Festival Draws Pros From Across The Globe

The stay remains in effect while the Denver-based 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals considers the long-term question of whether gay couples have a right to wed in Utah. In Weber County, about 35 couples married before the ruling, but their marriage certificates were not recorded after county attorneys said to put them on hold. With the new legal guidance, those completed marriage certificates will now be processed, Weber County Clerk Ricky Hatch said in a statement late Thursday. Reyes’ new advice was issued to clear up some confusion and only applies to marriages that were solemnized, said his spokeswoman, Missy Larsen. “As long as the marital ceremony happened prior to the stay, then the marriage can receive documentation,” Larsen said. The attorney general’s office said Thursday’s guidance is not a decision on whether the marriages are valid.
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