Poll: Public Now Evenly Split At 48 Percent On Legalizing Gay Marriage — In Utah


Slightly more than a third of respondents (36 percent) said their views on same-sex marriage have shifted over time, something that was equally true of Mormons and non-Mormons. Overwhelmingly, people in both of those demographic categories said their views had become more accepting. Mormons oppose legalizing gay marriage 32/64 while non-Mormons support it 76/21. On the lesser question of civil unions, though, theyre in sync: 65 percent of Mormons say yes versus 84 percent of non-Mormons. The latter result is, I assume, an olive branch by LDS members to gay couples to show that they dont oppose all legal recognition of gay relationships, just the traditional concept of marriage. Problem is, its arguably harder to defend marriage laws from an equal protection challenge in court once youve extended substantive marriage rights to gays, even if your motive in extending those rights dating was well intentioned. If gay relationships are entitled to virtually every legal benefit of marriage except the label itself, a courts going to find more often than not that withholding the label amounts to discrimination for its own sake, without a good/rational reason. The olive branch, designed to keep marriage as a separate sphere for straights only, actually weakens the case for it. These numbers are interesting too: Protecting religious conscience via constitutional amendment is probably the next phase of the great gay-marriage debate local women maybe even at the federal level, as there are some Democrats at the moment who are willing, if only in the name of quieting critics of legalizing gay marriage, to rhetorically endorse conscience protections. Thatd be fertile ground for social cons next year if the GOP takes back the Senate.
Full story: http://hotair.com/archives/2014/01/16/poll-public-now-evenly-split-at-48-percent-on-legalizing-gay-marriage-in-utah/


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