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Virginia Judge Strikes Down Gay Marriage Ban

Gay marriage Virginia

They compared the ban on same-sex marriages, local women civil unions and domestic partnerships to Virginia’s discriminatory history of blocking school integration, interracial marriage and the right of women to attend Virginia Military Institute. “Marriage is a fundamental right. The United States Supreme Court has said that something like 14 times, by my count,” said Olson, a former U.S. solicitor general under George W. Bush. The ban “denies them equal dignity because of who they are.” Stripped of the state’s backing, the ban was left to be defended by lawyers for two local circuit court clerks whose jobs include issuing marriage licenses. They raised myriad issues, ranging from Virginia’s 400-year tradition of heterosexual marriage and states’ jurisdiction over domestic matters to the contention that marriage should be reserved for couples that can procreate. “Marriage and procreation are fundamental to the very existence and survival of the race,” said Austin Nimocks of the conservative Alliance Defending Freedom. “Every child has a mother and a father.” Wright Allen said the “for-the-children” rationale fails “because it would threaten the legitimacy of marriages involving post-menopausal women, infertile individuals, and individuals who choose to refrain from procreating.” The couples at the center of the case are Tim Bostic, an English professor, and Tony London, a real estate agent, who filed the lawsuit in Norfolk last July, as well as Carol Schall, an autism researcher, and Mary Townley, who works with special needs youth.
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“has Online Dating Made Us Personal Shoppers?”

Danielle Romeril, international fashion designer, at the launch of her spring/ summer collection at Samui in Cork.

If you fancy the look of them, you give them a tick if not, you red X them and keep swiping. The New York Times says its clearly addictive, while another commentator noted that Tinder is essentially a postmodern nod go here now to a most primitive form of liberal dating. As in, the hook up. Grindr for straight people. So does this mean straights are finally getting in on the casual sex that for so long has been seen as the preserve of gay men, or would it take more than an app to change millennia of heterosexual behaviour? Are dating apps killing romance?
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‘the Pain Hurt So Much’: Jennifer Lopez Opens Up About Her 2011 Divorce From Marc Anthony And How The Twins Kept Her Strong

<img src='; width='200px' alt='Walking tall: Jennifer Lopez donned her high heels for the American Idol premiere on January 14. She told the UK's Glamour magazine that her divorce from Marc Anthony had made her stronger’ style=’float:left;padding:5px’ />

The 44-year-old opened up about the end of her seven-year marriage In an interview in the March issue of the UK’s Glamour magazine, saying: ‘Back then the pain hurt so much, but I didn’t want what happened to finish me. Walking tall: Jennifer Lopez donned her high heels for the American Idol premiere on January 14. She told the UK’s Glamour magazine that her divorce from Marc Anthony had made her stronger I wanna hold your hand: The 44-year-old superstar said she had to keep her life together for the sake of Max and Emme, her twins with Marc ‘I wanted it to help me grow for the better. I didn’t want to just view publisher site survive it; I wanted to come out of it stronger than I was before. It took a lot of digging to do that.’ Golden girl: J.Lo shared details of her life with mag The American Idol judge said she was motivated to keep herself together for her twins, Max and Emme, who turn six in February. J.Lo told Glamour: ‘Right now I’d say it was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through, because of the kids.
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