Sean Rad Interview 2014: Tinder Ceo On Popular Dating App: ‘i Met My Girlfriend On Tinder’ | Video – Abc News

It is something that’s in the road maps on the question if — when so you decide that — like to make some money. — added there there’s a lot of things we can charge for in and out premium services at helping make the most out of your experience. You know when we’re giving people value proposition that we are we we just people would pay for it’s and it’s sort of proven if you look at other dating sites. At some — people are willing to pay for an. — there’s there’s obvious things. Like for example you might want to pay to go back. Which is something that people keep asking this [link] war and what does that mean to go back to tell — — in time yet no and his eyes just like a human. Accidentally said yes or no to somebody. Because you’re swiping so quickly — I watched people if for people who are familiar with — what — the 32 elevator pitch that you explain.
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