Amy Dickinson: Dating One Woman, Being Choosy Sound Sensible | Detroit Free Press |

I like my job a lot and would like to stay there. Another person who has worked here much longer than I have makes inappropriate remarks and racist jokes. Ive made disapproving remarks, ignored the comments and walked out of the room. Today she came out with yet another racist comment she thought was witty. I am so uncomfortable around her that I interact with her as little as possible and say as little as possible, especially if there is any chance the conversation would elicit an offensive comment from her. Im considering going to the pastor, but if I do it will cause a huge rift among staff and the congregation, and Ill likely end up having to leave a job I otherwise really like and need. What can I do? Working in Purgatory Dear Purgatory: First, you should state to this coworker, Really, please stop making these offensive comments.
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