The 6 Most Important Lines Of Dialogue From This Week’s Masters Of Sex – Yahoo News

Libby’s obsession with Coral and Robert’s relationship reaches a breaking point here, as she insists that Robert can no longer pick up his “girlfriend” after work, then stalks Coral to find out he’s doing just that. She then goes to Coral’s apartment, where she learns from Robert that he is Coral’s brother. He cares for a scrape on her leg, and she leaves in a huff. What’s going on here is, I guess, about Libby’s lack of sexual fulfillment, which has been a recurring theme with her character. She and Bill aren’t a terribly good match, but they’re stuck with each other (as driven home by the final shot of the episode, which visit this page Keith Gordon frames so the both of them sit together, looking over at their son rocking in his swing). She’s tried to find her pleasures where she can, and that’s mostly been in micromanaging other people’s lives. But this has more or less made Libby seem like a monster, dating and in this episode, that monstrousness is revealed to exist, free-floating, without a lot of explanation. I don’t know if it’s the writing or Caitlin FitzGerald’s performance, but I don’t entirely know why Libby has gotten so fixated. More crucially, I’m not sure the writers know why at this point.
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