​ask Dr. Nerdlove: Do Women Have It Easier In Dating?

Now before everyone jumps in on “so guys are stuck banging chicks they don’t like,” let me point out that this goes both ways. Women aren’t just being hit on by gym-sculpted Adonises with perfect teeth and smoldering Ian Somerhalder eyes; they’re being hit on by all kinds of guys – thin, fat, handsome, ugly, smooth, hairy all kinds. Just because a woman has tons of people hitting on her doesn’t (visit) mean that she’s attracted to all of them or even any of them. And don’t forget that a lot of those advances may be entirely unwanted and can (and often do) devolve into harassment, which further belies the notion that women somehow have it easier than men. And that is what brings us to the last part of your question: what’re you supposed to do when your girlfriend is surrounded by “your competition”? Isn’t it just a matter of time before Studly Good Night sweeps her off of her feet and out of her panties and leaves you alone in the dust with your dick in your hand?
Full story: http://kotaku.com/ask-dr-nerdlove-do-women-have-it-easier-in-dating-1596566465


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