Execs In Asian Luxury Hotels Fall Prey To Cyber Espionage: Study – Yahoo News

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“These attackers are going after a very specific set of http://markets.smartstocks.com/smartstocks/news/read/26075459 individuals who should be very aware of the value of their information and be taking strong measures to protect it,” said Kurt Baumgartner, principal security researcher for Kaspersky, the world’s largest privately held cybersecurity firm. Unsuspecting executives who submit their room number and surname while logging on to their hotel room’s wireless network are tricked into downloading an update to legitimate software such as Adobe Flash, Google Toolbar or Microsoft Messenger, Kaspersky said. Because attacks happen at sign-on, encrypted communications set up later offer no defense against attack. The same elite spying crew has used advanced keystroke-logging software and encryption-breaking at multiple hotel chains across Asia, it said. Kaspersky declined to name the executives involved or the luxury destinations targeted but said it had informed the hotels as well as law enforcement officials in affected locations. Ninety percent of the victims came from five countries — Japan, Taiwan, China, Russia and South Korea.
Full story: http://news.yahoo.com/execs-asian-luxury-hotels-fall-prey-cyber-espionage-100925184.html


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