Niche Dating Website Launched For Younger Girls Looking For Older Men

girls looking for older men

We understand the reasons behind creating a niche online age-gap dating destination for the young girls’ dating needs. This initiative is totally focused on creating a perfect place for young women to meet older men who are ready to explore a relationship with them, said get women Carter, a company spokesperson on the new launch. Research undertaken by the website team before its launch has thrown up some interesting insights into this age-gap dating trend that is catching up amongst young girls today. One of the main reasons for this trend is that young women find older men more stable than the younger lot. Additionally, there is a feeling of security which many of them find very reassuring and comforting. The other reason is the fact that older men are perceived to be more respectful, polished, financially stable as well as having lived their lives, are experienced in every way to provide a comfortable future to a younger girl. Some young girls like to have a relationship with a man who is older as it gives them a sense of authority which can be a strong appeal and attraction to many.
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