Get Texts From Your ‘invisible Boyfriend’ –

Suddenly Homann — who already had a full-time job running his company, an innovation-strategy firm called Kendeo — realized that, thanks to the attention, date Invisible Boyfriend had better be good. The result is a web service, launching in beta this week, that allows you to invent your potential partner. For $24.99 a month (for starters, which includes 100 text messages, voicemail and handwritten notes), you get to make up a story about how you met (the homepage includes a nice Mad Libs-style paragraph) and pick out an image, name, age and interests. Who’s dating at the other end? Though Homann says some of that information is proprietary, he’ll allow that the St. Louis-based company has partnered with a service that has real people responding to your messages. (Yes, they’ve been trained, so watch your language.) “There has grown this amazing multinational workforce of people willing to do microtasks for a very small amount of money,” he says. Not even he knows where they’re all located, but he expects that the work will be scalable with demand. A Business Insider writer observed that her Invisible Boyfriend came from the city she requested, based on area code, and she praised the “attention to detail.” Eventually, Invisible Boyfriend expects to offer gifts sent to you at work and other real-life services, says Homann.
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