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Grammys: J.lo Gave Meghan Trainor Dating Advice – Yahoo News

And she happened to dole out some man advice to Meghan Trainor. On the Grammys red carpet on Sunday , the “All About That Bass” star dished on J.Lo’s words of wisdom: “Be very picky and know what you deserve,” Lopez told the 21-year-old up-and-comer. True that. Trainor hit the red carpet online dating with her father, who then sweetly proclaimed, “That’s why I’m here!” > On getting nominations for record of the year and song of the year, Trainor said, “It’s a dream come true. I can’t believe that I’m standing up here right now with my adorable father.” When she found out about her nominations the songstress was half asleep, “It was 5 a.m. [when I got the call about the nominations], and I was crying in my sleep. It was beautiful.” Arts & Entertainment
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What’s Behind Online Dating Fraud? Iovation Quantifies The How Often, What, When And Where – Yahoo Finance

Fraudsters build trust until they convince individuals to send compromising photos or video, and then blackmail their victim with threats to send the media to friends and family if they don’t send money. It’s very important that online daters understand the typical scenarios that put them at risk and watch safety videos provided by the dating sites.” Where Fraudsters Live The highest percentage of fraudulent transactions on online dating sites in 2014 originated from these countries: 1.Nigeria — 29 percent 3.Ivory Coast — 15 percent 4.Vietnam — 10 percent 5.Argentina — 8 percent When Fraud Occurs According to iovation, the highest percentage of fraud attempts on online dating sites in 2014 occurred between 9am to 12pm UTC. This is 1am to 4am PST and 4am to 7am EST. What Consumers Should Look For There are many telltale signs that someone’s looking to defraud you on an online dating site. Some of the more common clues are: Being asked to move the conversation off of the dating site too soon An unusual use of words, bad grammar and/or excessive punctuation Someone geographically far from you attempts to strike visit up a conversation After minimal contact, someone professes strong feelings Claims of working out of the country for an extended time Online personality varies to extremes Profile picture or photograph looks different from their description Personal information or phone number is requested too soon “An increasingly common dating scam that occurs on dating sites experience is when fraudsters target older females in rural areas and shower them with kindness. The scammers claim to be engineers working outside of the country on a big project. They court their victims extensively, even sending presents on special days,” said Jon Karl , Vice President of Corporate Development at iovation. “When the fraudsters feel the time is right, they say they have an emergency, can’t access their bank account back home, and need money wired to them immediately. In many cases, the victims fall for the scam.” What Businesses Should Look For Knowing the true location of scammers, and when they are hiding behind proxies or using Tor — a privacy protocol that is intended to help people to browse the Internet anonymously — is extremely helpful to dating sites for protecting their members.
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Dating Site Topface Says Paid Hacker To Not Sell Stolen Data – Yahoo News

Topface Chief Executive Dmitry Filatov said the company located the hacker, who had published ads to sell the data but had not actually sold them. “Wehave paid him anaward for finding avulnerability and agreed on further cooperation inthe field ofdata security,” Filatov said in an email on Friday, declining to disclose the size of the reward. Topface says it has some 92 million users and 1.6 million daily visitors. Cybersecurity experts typically advise companies not to pay hackers to return stolen data, calling that a ransom and saying cyber criminals often break promises. But Filatov noted that the ads have already been removed and Topface has agreed not to read this pursue charges against the unidentified individual. “As we made an agreement with him we do not see any reason for him to break it,” said Filatov. Atlanta-based fraud protection firm Easy Solutions disclosed the hack on Sunday, reporting on its blog that a hacker known as “Mastermind” was attempting to sell 20 million credentials for an unnamed dating site. The security firm had warned the credentials might be used to access accounts on other sites because people frequently use the same passwords for multiple accounts.
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